Maina Handmaker

PhD Candidate

Department of Environmental Conservation

University of Massachusetts Amherst



Individual foraging site fidelity persists within and across stopover seasons in a migratory shorebird, Numenius phaeopus (Whimbrel)

Maina C. Handmaker, Felicia J. Sanders, Adam D. Smith, Ethan P. Shealy, Natasza Fontaine, Madelyn B. Kaplin, Janet M. Thibault, Mary Catherine Martin, Camille Duquet, Abby V. Sterling, Nathan R. Senner

Ornithology, ukae021, 2024

Spring migration patterns of red knots in the Southeast United States disentangled using automated telemetry

Adam D. Smith, Felicia J. Sanders, Kara L. Lefevre, Janet M. Thibault, Kevin S. Kalasz, Maina C. Handmaker, Fletcher M. Smith, Tim S. Keyes

Scientific Reports, vol. 13, 2023 Jul

South Atlantic Bight – a final stop for Ruddy Turnstones migrating to the Arctic

Felicia J. Sanders, Adam D. Smith, Janet M. Thibault, Deborah L. Carter, Maina C. Handmaker, Fletcher M. Smith

Journal of Field Ornithology, vol. 94, 2023 May

A half-century of changes in migratory landbird numbers along coastal Massachusetts

Matthew D. Kamm, Trevor L. Lloyd-Evans, Maina Handmaker, J. Michael Reed

PLOS ONE, vol. 14, 2019 Sep